Experience teamwork at its full potential

Shasper is a light and easy to use Enterprise Social Network, designed to work on any device, suitable for any kind of team and, more importantly, to yours.

Easy to use

If you spend time on any social networks out there then you already know how to use our platform. Why reinvent the wheel when things work well the way they are?


We offer you the option to host Shasper on your company’s own machines. Combined with our advanced and flexible privacy system, you’re in full control of your data.


No need to remember yet another username/password combination, login directly with your Windows credentials - Active Directory integration (optional).


Get the same experience on your tablet during your daily commute as you would from your office in front of your desktop PC.

Admin tools

Your whole organization at a glance, always be in control. Create groups, users, give permissions to the people you trust most, all that in seconds.


Make your employees feel proud of their workplace, add your own logo and choose a color scheme that suits your business.

Custom built software

The application will be tailor-made for your business, giving you an unique experience optimized for your needs.

Ease of use

The user experience matches that of public social networks, making for an intuitive and easy to use product.

Deployment flexibility

We can host the platform on our own hardware, minimizing the costs, or on dedicated hardware leased in your own country.

Advanced access control

You are able to control precisely how much access to the platform's information/features each of your employees will have.

Advanced statistics

Easily visualize how your employees interact with the platform and amongst themselves, detect any potential problems before they fully develop.


The platform can integrate with existing authentication/authorization systems, making it easier to keep both systems in sync.

Key benefits for your company

Bring new employees up to date

It’s very easy for employees to know what their tasks are and how to complete them when they have the power of example a click away. It’s less stressful to ask members of your team for help if you know you don’t have to interrupt them.

Keep employees in the loop

Out for a 2-week vacation? You can always stay in touch wherever you are. Want to sit back for a while? That’s OK too. When you come back you will have access to all that happened in the meantime and it’s easier than reading tons of e-mails.

Instant feedback

Get in touch with your colleagues wherever they are with our real-time messaging system. You no longer have to wait for e-mails as you can always chat with them. Send files, have private or group conversations – always stay connected.

Drive engagement easily

Our platform is built around generating and maintaining engagement. Drive employee engagement by breaking communication barriers (physical distance, hierarchical differences and so on) and obtain a more cohesive and efficient workforce. Not only do we strive to drive engagement, but we provide you with the tools needed to measure it so that you can benchmark it and fix any problems that arise.



The platform revolves around groups. Public or private, managed by local administrators, easy to find and easy to join. Share anything you like.

Private chat messages

What would a social platform be without this kind of feature? Start a real-time conversation with one or more people. Share your thoughts in an instant. Don’t like the conversation? You can leave at any time.


Available in both groups and real-time conversations, you choose how to enrich your message. Attach files, photos and videos; we support all modern standards.


Share your big announcement across multiple groups at once. Receive feedback from multiple teams.

Create a new group


Never miss a thing: you’ll receive a notification every time you receive a private message, when your post gets new likes and comments or it gets shared, when somebody adds or removes you from a group and even if someone adds a comment to a post you also commented on.


Get to know your colleagues better, find out more details about themselves: what they do, what they like or when their birthday is. And even more importantly, see their public activity on the platform, all their posts in one place.


Discover new groups and new colleagues, find a file you posted weeks ago, see what everyone is saying about a product. Our powerful search engine empowers you to never forget or miss anything ever again.

Group page


The file systems lets you keep all your documents in one place, providing easy access every time you need. Forget about not finding files again.

Start by creating folders and add your files to where they belong, just like you normally would do in a desktop environment. Moreover, you can add more versions of a file. You'll always have access to any version you need.

Like for any other group you can set permissions when you make a new folder. You choose who will have access to manage your document group, who can add files there and who can only read them.

Need to find something fast? Use the search function specially created for this feature. Find any folder, file or file content in a matter of seconds.

Documents management

Cross-platform applications

Mobile Applications

Get the same functionality and look on your mobile phone. Enjoy the notifications system and be the first to reply to a message.

Desktop applications

With our desktop application you don't have to keep the browser open the entire day to make sure you don't lose anything. The app will notify you when there's something new that needs your attention.


Small Business


per user/month

  • Platform features
  • Analytics and organization admin
  • Mobile and desktop apps

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per user/month

  • Small Business plan +
  • Custom themes
  • Users and groups provisioning
  • Active Directory integration

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  • Enterprise plan +
  • On-premise deployment by our experts
  • Comprehensive product assistance
  • Integration with existing ERP & CRM systems

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*Discounts for 500+ users apply. Price does not include a one-time fee for setup and personalization. Contact sales for more details.

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